Monday, August 31, 2009

Agong Cup Final

BH in my purse ..

On the way ..
Hehe .. when i become a reporter ya ?
keep posting about this match ..
Well .. this is the last .. ^^

Sunday night, we reached the Nilai Stadium earlier to watch the Women's category final match ..
Johor(all national players) vs Kelantan(all ex-national player) ..

A very nice match compared to the coming Men's category match ..
Johor was considered as the hottest team to get the Girl's champion..
Initially Johor was heading the match ..
Kelantan kept picking up and finally go over them ..
But then Johor still never give up and keep playing fast to go beyond Kelantan ..

During the last 1 minutes, their marks differ by 10 marks and Kelantan already celebrating during the time-out called by Johor ..
But then, One of the Johor player shoot-in 3 points.
then, Johor "burned" again .. the game become more thrilling when Johor get the chance to free throw as one of the Kelantan player did foul on Johor's player ..
All the free throw had in and their marks were just differ by 5 marks ..
Then, Johor shoot in again .. This time, Kelantan was nervous and called out a time out ..
After that, one of the Kelantan player shoot in again ..
This reinforce their triumph ..

Then, Kelantan won ..^^

The coming match was Malacca vs Selangor ..
Em.. not a thrilling match ..
Malacca's strength had exceeded Selangor lotz ..
So, i don't wan to describe more la ..
Oh ya, Chen Li Wei also did dunk that night .. Cool la .. =b

Finally, sure Malacca won .. big difference in score ..
Capture some sampat pic ..

Chen Li Wei was taking his teamates' photo ..
Loh Shee Fai tried set shot ..

Chen Li Wei tried set shot ..

Chen Li Wei..

Example of occurence of jump ball .. =b all fell for ball ..
Both teams celebrating their victory ..
Then, met with No.13 by chance ..
this time get courage to say Hi with him .. talk a little ..
And took pic ..
Pic 1 ..
Then, went back ..
wish the patient was nothing ..

Agong Cup Semifinal II

Saturday night, the most exciting Men's category match in Agong Cup 2009 ..
Johor vs Malacca .. Semifinal ..
We can't miss it ..
So went to the Nilai Stadium again to watch the match ..

During the first and second period, the game was so thrilling ..
The marks were closely been chasen .. The difference was not more than 10 marks ..
Although Malacca leading initially, Johor successfully picked up and even exceed by 1 marks .. That's should be ShiRen's contribution ..

But then after the interval, Malacca increase their tempo, Johor hardly to run after them ..
Continuos marks had gained by Malacca.. and during this time, Chen Li Wei, the most reliable center of Malaysia, DUNK !!!!!! Too yeng and admirable d ... Cool man ..
This had burnt Malacca team's spirit further ..
After that, Malacca kept leading and Johor can't even get a chance to picked up..
Their marks' difference differ by 12 marks ++ ..

Finally, Malacca won ..

Show some pic ..

Johor vs Malacca ..
Time out called ..
Loh Shee Fai layup..

Chen Li Wei jump shot ..

Discuss .. No.13 ..

he never play also ..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Agong Cup 2009 Semifinal I

Friday night, went Nilai to watch basketball match with GengYa, Shya, SengHuei and Kopi..
Its Agong Cup 2009 Semifinal, Perak vs Selangor.
The match was held at Nilai Stadium.. a pretty superior stadium with optimum light intensity, adequate audience seats and well-outfitted equipment..

Selangor Team ..

Perak team ..

A quite thrilling match at the beginning .. 3 technical fouls were given by referee..
During 3rd period of the match, a Perak player complaint about misjudgement by a referee..
Then, the whole Perak team refused to continue playing the match ..
After adjustment by another referee, they finally agreed to play again ..

Then , after few minutes, a Selangor player complaint again..
Same case happen to Selangor team ..
But finally the issue was solved and match resume again ..

At the end, Selangor team won and entered Final.. vs Malacca..

Selangor team celebrate their victory ..

Perak team after lost ..

Selangor team was celebrating their triumph while Perak team had nothing to say ..

Show some random pic ..

One of the Perak best player.. No.7 Ooi Ban Sin ..

2 shoots ..
all-in ..

The pro recorder team of the match
Selangor No.6 Chin Bao is shooting ..
Ambulance car always ready outside the stadium ..

met No.13 by chance ..
But not dare say hi to him ..
he is just in front of me .. still tall .. haha ..
Last night, his team lost to Malacca..
Johor can't entered final ..

Friday, August 28, 2009

A post for a person

This post is for a friend, 23th chromosomes are XY(male), be prepared, not a good post ..

After few incidents occured, finally realized you not a good guy ..
You are bad .. I don't know how to describe you d ..
Last time, I heard ppl said what you have done, I still try to trust you, not a so bad guy ..

But this time, I see your true colour by myself..
I am not angry you, really, just feel .. disappoint..
When you become like this ?
Why you wan become like this ..
Hey, become a man la, don't be so useless and coward..
Be serious to your future and life.. don't keep playing le ..
Don't waste your parents' money ..
Don't be so unresponsible ..

I really wan scold you ..
Don't behave like this that make everyone dislike you d ..
Even me, considered as your good friend, also feel dislike you d ..
Change your attitude, be sincere to everyone, don't 利用your friends d ..

And I wanna tell you, don't ever play girls d la ..
Every girl has their self-esteem.. You must not expect every girl must like you ..

This post is to advice you..hope you will see this ..

I really hope.. You will change ..

Mr.W ..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A post on baskatball match again..

Can you c my signature, No.13=b
Venue : S.J.K.(C)Jenjarom's basketball court
Category : Girls Under 18 & Men Above 35
Date : 25 of July until 15 of August

Recorder : Me, Ah tat, KouYong, HuiQi, AhHan, SenSan, etc
A quite nice match at my hometown, for sure, I be the recorder again.
Girls - Jenjarom vs PJ Dynamics (won by Dynamics)
Men - Tanjong Sepat vs Klang Xing Qing (won by Klang)

After match, take pic v Jen's Girls team =b

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Alright ..

I am alright ..
Sorry for making so grey posts during the last few days ..
In grey mood .. but its passed ..
I hope i won't be making such post d .. massive when reviewed the post ..

Em .. ya ..
This holiday, what m I doing ?
Watch a singapore episode, do school's homeworks..
English essay- in progress, I did until Outlining d .. finding ppl to help me peer editing =.=
Physics report- Waiting my groupmates on9 to give me result (forgot to bring the paper back)
Maths - settled
Ethnics Notes- forgot to bring the papers back, will be doing next week =b

What else to do ?
mayb go shopping.. em, bkb match ..

restate : alright ..

Sunday, August 23, 2009





You Can't Say





Friday, August 21, 2009


Finished watched an old korean episode .."All about eve"..
Touch, a very nice story, cried last night t.t
I really like the characters inside the episode..
尹翔泽,I prefer call学长。。acted by张东健, a mature and very nice man .. I love him very much, I want to have such bf ... haha ... although i know i am dreaming ..
甄善美,act by 蔡琳, a very charming, kind and cute girls, with very warm smile, I like her very much .. ^^

I like the story very much ..

em .. recovered from sick d ..
Hairstyle, changed d .. don't shocked when c me next time .. haha ..
Mood, so so ..
This morning, dream of someone ..
having holiday now ..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am sick ..

ya .. sick ..

thx for the care friends .. i will rest more ..

jia you Mr.Fabian for your piano exam tomorrow ..

Pizza Thursday ..

Last wednesday, suddenly got mood to eat pizza ..
Then on the second day, asked Fabian, then on ..
Go Pizza Hut at Section20 for dinner on thursday ..
Thx for No.11 for given me the info ..
Hehe.. The Pizza Hut there is quite nice, well-decorated ..
We had our delicious pizza .. happy =b
Then, take pic time ..
thx Mr.Fabian ..
Wanna wake Sin Xee up .. she still blur ..
Yeah ..
Act Act ..

6 snapshots ..

Thx James for found my handphone back .. thx ya ..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009




笑容的弧度angle of smile ..

Angle of reflection = angle of incidence ..
He, smile with that particular angle that attracts she..(angle of incidence)

His smile strike her heart (plane surface), She reflected him with smile of the same degree of angle(angle of reflection) .. They still remember, they smile warmly towards each other .. That time, between he and she , there's normal line, they are normal friends..

But then, the relationship(medium) between them changed.. He and she are in different point of view on thier relationship (different density) ..

He, put on much effort on the relationship, denser medium..
He smile, his smile projected to her (from denser to less dense) ..
Its refracted away from the normal, more than she supposed to be, too much ..

Her distance towards him, just like tha angle of refraction..
The higher his angle of incidence, the higher the distance between him and her ..

He wait ..
He know, they look different on their relationship ..
He know, he should not put too much effort(angle of incidence) immediately ..
He wait ..
He put on effort slowly, he increase his angle of incidence gradually ..
Finally, critical angle is reached, she touched ..
Total internal reflection occur ..

Again, she smile at him with the same degree of angle ..
He and she, smile sweetly towards each other..
The angel of incidence = angle of reflection .. again ..

There's Physics .. Between he and she ..

Monday, August 10, 2009

Late shuang ..

Too free here ..
Finally assignments were submitted and just done my Physics practical paper..

Today was late to school, a Physics quiz started at 8 but i reached school at 8.15 .. haiya, cannot blame me, traffic jam in Bulatan Jubli Perak, Shah Alam ..

But ya, a thing to show off is .. hehe ..
I done the paper faster than them who started earlier .. haha ..

Then, had ESLS class.. I am very happy today, haha, because no IELTS class for today .. haha ..
Then, had lunch ..
This is the lovely packed rice for ChengYee =b

Then, Computer studies ..
Happy because class ended earlier at 3 .. haha ..

Go back to hostel, take a nap ..
Woke up, bit unhappy .. Raining just now, my plan to go jogging had to been called off =.=

Lotz tests for next week .. Physcis, Computer Studies, Ethnics.. Jia you ..

I am energized today, maybe because I am late and keep rushing=b

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Not show off ...

Received an invitation letter from my former school last week, its about Annual Awards Ceremony ..
Well .. let c what the letter had written..

Physics !!!

Woke up in the morning .. I was late, never heard the alarm clock .. Had I ?
Went to school v shya ..
After a while, took the prizes and certs ..
Capture photo, chit chat v friends and teachers ..

Shya get the best olahragawati of the year 2009..

Haha .. not showing off ..

After the ceremony, we had late brunch at McD ..
Asked Gy(v spec) to come out .. talk talk and eat eat ..
Hehe, i m happy to talk about No.13 but he is unhappy to heard No.13 .. haha..
then, went back ..

Jia you Shya for your competition ..
Take carex of your leg ..

exhausted ..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Be Love Singing Contest

Love + Quaver .. means love music .. By 节目组组员.. shuang's group ..

Let's photos tell the story of the night ..
YMM Be Love Singing Contest..
Date : 2nd of August
Time : 7.15pm - 11.15pm
Venue : S.J.K.(C)Jenjarom's Great Hall
Audience : about 500+ ba ..
This is the Great Hall where the our event was held ..
Stage Background and Setting .. designed by CamyMui ..

Three MC ..

First Welcoming dance performance by Edilex5..

Opening Ceremony by YB Tan Chun Sui

Singing competition started .. One of the contestants ..

Me and the other committee .. working with LCD and sound effects that night ..

Performance by Puchong "The Rage" 扯铃group .. Very nice show ..

Deng Deng .. YMCA dance performace by YMM committee .. Hope you all enjoy it ..

Practicing time .. Our group ..

Circle YMCA .. Linear YMCA ..

Ending pose ..
Look at it ..

Thanks all ...
All of the 12 finalists ..

Singing performance by JackTan ..(many little fans)

Top 3 finalists ..

First pair..你最珍贵。。

Second pair.. 制造浪漫

Third pair.. 屋顶。。

Our champion !!!

Yeah !! The event was ended .. Thx all ... Committees + performers + contestants + panels + audience..

Touch when the show was ended ..
Our show had going on smoothly ..
Thx all ..
I love you all ..