Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chillax =D

So ya, recently my days are quite happening, lotsa event and outing with friends (so not much time allocated to study) lol ~~

em .. last saturday, we girls had a chillax night at my place, College Square. We cooked bah kut teh together !! haha..

We got our materials from Queen Victoria's market and also the A1 bah kut teh pack brought by me from Malaysia.. hehe ..

Called mama to ask for recipe and also thx KarWai my friend in US who taught me some tips of cooking bah kut teh also =D

so, I started to cook the soup with pork bones during the afternoon. Then in the evening, they all came and we worked together, had lotsa fun haha =D someone cooking bah kut teh, someone cooking rice, someone washing lettuce, someone looking for nice movie for our dinner, someone watching tv ~~ etc

I was the one who cooked the Bah Kut Teh. Firstly, boil the water. After boiling, put in the pork. After boiling, put in the bahkutteh pack and lotsa garlic. after boiling, add some salt, dark soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, pepper. Then, put in some mushroom and lettuce. after boiling, yeah, can be served. so easy right =D Oh ya I fried a 菜谱蛋 also. Our dinner =D

Girls before eating dinner.

The bahkutteh soup is so tasty and yummy =D

haha.. we so geng !! hehe ...

we finished all 2kg of pork and a whole lettuce.

After dinner, we watched Australian TV show together.

and ya, it just happened to be earth hour during that night.

so on 8.30pm, we turned off and light and watch movie together.

Before the day, I just happened to say that let's get some wine. haha .. then Laura took it serious and we really got us 2 bottles of wine, 1red and 1 white.

Our red wine.
JiaWenn as model =D
Laura =D
Me o~~
Cheers =D

We watched three movies that night.

The first one is Chiwawa, then Chipmunk, then Love in Vegas~~

great night =D chillax girls..

Saturday, March 26, 2011


那天连续跟了两个人skype. 第一个lei, 是跟Ricky Geng Ya Apo 在facebook聊着,突然他说要看看我,就跟他skype skype下咯。看图: GengYa你的脸好很多了哦~~哈哈,他说是因为镜头烂~~lol ... 他还跟我害羞lei,说这是他第一次video call .. haha ... 跟他就这样没有delay地瞎聊着。


GengYa的屋子有点灵异,他的housemates们不断着在他后面穿梭,害我吓到再吓倒。 haha ..


祝你如愿以偿,买到你的dream camera吧,然后练到炉火纯青,等我回去的时候做我的摄影师。 haha ..



可是Brisbane的天气也太热了吧,她的房间还有冷气。lol ...

可是lei, 清怡小姐是怕热的啊,在Brisbane不小心就被晒伤了,所以啊亲爱的,你还是要每天都勤奋地涂涂抹抹sunblock,还有穿上薄薄的长袖夹克啊~~



lol.. 亲爱的清怡小姐,有空就来melbourne找我玩吧,这里比较冷~~lol ...

好吧,就这样天空P就用了我700MB++ (=.=)~~ 可是还是值得的啦。。 ok ba =D

Monday, March 21, 2011


Hey ya.

It's me again.. haha, the ppl who ignores her blog and still owing so much of debt to her blog =D

hehe.. again, making the readers disappoint. T.T

shuang you are so bad~~

hehe, the reason of being not update the blog is simply:

Bo Eng arr~~~~

lol.. I thought my life in uni would be rather more free and relaxing.

but.. it seems like I become more and more busy, most of my time was just dragged away by schooling, walking, groceries shopping, cooking, facebooking, hanging out every weekend, revising, skyping etc~~ I also wonder why the time passes so fast. can someone tell me? =D

To regain the popularity of my blog, hahaha, so lol, here am I to tell you about one of the quite interesting outing I had here..

Yeah Edithvale Beach outing.

It was organized by HUB of my uni and the theme of this beach event is "Sun, Ocean and Safety". cool isn't it? hehe..

So, early in the morning (grr, it's saturday), forced to wake up and we made our way to the Edithvale Life Saving Club by taking Frankston line train at Melbourne Central.

On the train,

Yen Mei said must take photo since most of us (exclude me) take train for the first time in Aussie.

After 45 minutes, we reached our destination, Edithvale Life Saving Club.

wo I love this place at the first glance !! haha ... seriously~~we girls were so excited~~ because it was a sunny day.. lucky because the lifesaver there told us that this was the last sunny day for the month. =D wee~~ Peace shuang. Then we had a lot of activities planned by the club. In fact, this was not an ordinary having-fun beach outing. Other than the interesting water activities (suft board, G board ), the lifesaver there also taught us the way of staying safe on the beach, how to rescue people who's drowning and how to keep fit like a 阳光女孩~~hahaha... Then we had lunch. Box of fries with chicken, it became my lunch and dinner because the portion is too big. For Yen Mei, it's big enough to be her lunch and dinner for two days. lol~~ 10dollars worth it~ haha. Lastly, a few group pics to conclude~~ ya, the outing was fun, had great time with friends and I love it~~ =D looking forward to the next ..

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hey ya =D how are you all?
hehe.. Apologize first because I am getting lazier and lazier to update my blog. (and also due to business as well).
err should not be like this right? now I am in a foreign country Australia, apart from families and most of my beloved friends, having new life here and experiencing new things. so in fact, I should write more to share with you all something different from Malaysia right?
oh well I will try to write on this blog more frequently ba.

yes I know I still have plenty of debt on this blog.
arghh, believe it or not. I still feel like want to write about my G8 family trip to Pangkor and Penang, my 21days awesome Taiwan trip, my CNY etc. hopefully I can make it.

haiz, now here, classes started d.
feeling kinda stress because my roomate is super hardworking~~ is super really..
Most of the time when she is studying I am playing with my computer ... just like I am the one who's wasting time here .. grrr.. T.T
but this is not the study mode I used to have.. I used to study before exam nia~
don't know la, just pretend I don't see anything ba~~ haha ...

haiz, and study here really self-dependent.
you have to get everything from lecture notes to assignment guidelines from internet, access to quiz etc on our monash blackboard.

haha, this blogpost spoilt =.= full of my complaints ...
oh about complaints, haha, wanna thanks Yee Jin, Kai Way and Xee alot for being my loyal listener. just like to talk to you all, that's why I need you!! haha ...

em. jump~ uni is quite not bad, alot of event and activities to join.
I've participated some too, share ya soon. =D
oo .. and and and I just saw my friend Geng Ya's post about my dear idol Jay's concert~~
grr I missed it, the show seems awesome. when will Jay come to Australia? haha ..
alright la, till then, see ya.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Melb Life

可是说真的,我还满享受这种冷的,走在路上一阵风吹来,凉快~haha .. 就是要享受和马来西亚不一样的天气吧=D

我沿着墨尔本最大的坟场,再经过美丽的princess park大草原,每天都可以看到青青的草,乘着凉凉的风,看着迎面而来的路人,微笑,让路给自行车骑士,真的还满写意的。

到了大学也不用怎么走,就到了lecture hall,坐下尝试集中注意力听讲师演讲,还满开心我听得懂lecturer们的slant.只是在那么大的讲堂注意力很快就会飘走了。haha,好吧,接下来我会try my best to集中的。=D 一个讲堂就200多个学生,也就是所有first year学生的人数了。


顺便想想今晚要吃什么,有时还会打电话向妈妈讨教几招=b 然后就去附近的超市woolworth(很好逛很贴心的超市)买材料。说它很贴心是真的,在价格牌上除了有价钱外,还会写着eg. $1.33 per kg.然后你就可以直接跟别的牌子比较看看那个比较值得买。


晚餐后就上网了,可能还多看一点lecture notes,看一点戏。



还有其他马来西亚同胞,laura, yen mei, shi yin, karen, soon seng是一起过来的。
Jia wenn, Ziyin, SookYi是刚认识的,也还不错聊的。

所以嘛,我现在也要去翻翻我的lecture notes了。